Discover Jackfruit – 15 Little Known Facts About This Powerful Plant

Did you know? Jackfruit is the largest tree fruit on the planet! Weighing in at up to 50 pounds, a ripe jackfruit can be as large as 3 feet across. Since it’s so huge, jackfruit grows from sturdy, thick branches or even the trunk of the jackfruit tree; it doesn’t hang or dangle like apples, peaches or other tree grown fruits. Some trees can even bear fruit at ground level or underground. Known scientifically as Artocarpus heterophyllus, this nutritious and striking fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals. In addition to its distinctive size and shape, the jackfruit has some remarkable properties that make it a must-try for just about everyone.

Get ready to grab a big knife and dig into this dynamic and potent fruit; even a small jackfruit will weigh about 15 pounds and yield a great deal of edible fruit and seeds. Leaning more about this distinctive and unusual fruit can help you decide if you need to make room in your diet for this known cancer killer.

1. Jackfruit trees produce massive amounts of fruit.

Jackfruit trees produce massive amounts of fruit –

Despite the fruit’s overwhelming size and weight, a single jackfruit tree can produce over two hundred individual fruits per year. This is a tropical plant from South Asia and warm temperatures and humidity year-round allow the tree to grow and thrive 365 days per year.


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